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Nature of Torah

Check out the Blog and the Creations page to see what we're exploring in each project!

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Divine Tour Guides

In our main project, we allow the mitzvos of the Torah to guide our exploration of reality. We’ll see how each mitzva produces experiences of moral beauty in the natural world.

Perek Shira

The Perek Shira is an ancient Jewish text that presents the natural world as a symphony of moral and philosophical insights. There is reason to believe that it was an attempt to identify the most archetypal elements of nature and convey their moral essence. This project will study the teachings of the Perek Shira and use them as a model for our own exploration of nature.

Image by Sue Tucker
Image by Matthew Angus


Philo of Alexandria changed the world. Founder of religious philosophy and author of our earliest recorded midrash, Philo’s writings were sadly lost to his own people until about five hundred years ago. This project will explore his work in general and his unique vision of the natural world in particular.


Experiencing nature’s poetry yields a powerful and appropriate desire to contribute to it. Here you will find original works of poetry and art that take inspiration from the above projects. 

Image by Debby Hudson
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